GlampEco Stays Manali – Glamping in Geodesic Domes in Himachal Pradesh

What is GlampEco and what does glamping mean?

GlampEco is a glamping destination in the Himalayas situated in the Hamta village of Himachal Pradesh, very close to the famous hill station of Manali.

We are located in an off-beat location away from the hustle-bustle of Manali town and yet close enough to be able to enjoy high-speed wifi and a fantastic mobile network.

We are working out to be an eco-friendly site and have put umpteen measures and policies in place to be one and keep improving on that.

Our accommodation includes hosting guests in India’s first Geodesic domes and a traditional mud house, along with a cafe that serves fresh and scrumptious meals.

Glamping is a form of glamorous camping where you get to experience the wilderness while staying in comfort.

We are focused on giving our guests an experience of staying amidst nature without sacrificing a lot of material comforts.

So, while we take utmost care to bring about a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone, however, due to the harshness of the terrain that we are located in, there could be instances of discomfort during stay caused by unforeseen conditions. 

We request guests to go through all Faqs and policies before making a booking as the place does require a bit of mental understanding from the guest.

How to reach GlampEco?

GlampEco is located 14 Km from Mall Road, Manali. The closest major village to our site is Prini which is 10 km away. There is a private road that leads to AD Hydro Project from Prini Village and on that road, we are located at curve number 32 on the right-hand side of the road. You have to walk about 50 meters downhill from the road to reach the site.


There is no public transport to our site and the closest that you can get here by public transport is till Prini. From Prini you can either hike up/hitch-hike or you have to arrange a personal cab which can drop you to our site.


Please note that you need to take special permission from the Manali SDM office if you are coming by your own vehicle or outstation cabs. The permission is for Rs.100 only and is very easy to obtain during the office working hours (10 am – 5 pm except on Sundays, second Saturdays, and government holidays). In case you take a local taxi, please remind the taxi driver regarding the permission as well.


The last 10 km stretch to our place is a steep drive with 33 curves and the road conditions can be a bit challenging. The road is usually accessible all around the year.


In case you are planning to visit Manali or tourist points like Rohtang, Solang Valley, etc we can help arrange a cab for you.




If you are coming by bus from Delhi, you will be dropped off at the Manali bus stand. From there you would need to get a cab to Hamta Village for around INR 1500 depending on the road conditions. This might be more during the snow season. 

It takes approximately 14 hours to reach Manali from Delhi and 9 hours from Chandigarh.

If you choose to come by your personal vehicle, you can drive right up till GlampEco except in snow and excessive rainy months where you would require a 4*4 vehicle to get you to the site. In these situations, you can still get your vehicle to Manali, park it there, and then take a local cab to our site.

We have contacts of a few local taxi service providers, in case you require assistance please feel free to contact us anytime and we will help arrange pickup and drop for you. Also, the cost of dropping back to the private or government bus stand is the same as mentioned above. We do not charge any commission from either the taxi driver or the guest, so all matters regarding the commute to and from our site should be settled without our interference.




There are flight connections from both Delhi and Chandigarh to Bhuntar(Kullu) airport.

It will take you around 2hrs from the airport to Glampeco. You can also take a bus to the Manali bus stand and then a cab from there, which will take around 45 mins – 1 hr(Manali to Hamta).

Places to visit around GlampEco

Around the site: We are located at the top of Hamta village overlooking the Kullu Valley. The closest shop to our site is Kalzang Dhabha where you can interact with a cute old local couple who have been staying in Hamta and running their very famous dhaba for decades. 


Sethan Village is the last village from where the 3-4 day trek to cross Hamta pass begins. The village is located at a distance of around 4 km from the site and is at a nice walkable distance to explore the area. The village has around 15/20 houses,  3 local Dhabas, 3 stupas, a small Buddhist Gompa, water reservoirs for dam and is famous for being the first “Igloo Village of India”. It is also a preferred destination for Skiiers and Snowboarders during the winter days.


There are many other day hikes that can be taken from around our place.

What is the best time to visit GlampEco and what to carry?

If you are planning a trip to the mountains, you must know that no information and planning is good enough. The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, and so can the road conditions. However, whatever time of the year you choose to come, be rest assured of a different and surreal experience of the place.


SPRING(March-April) The cold winter months and snow has just passed by and the weather still remains a bit cold. The mountains around will still largely be snow-capped and if you are lucky you may even experience some light snow showers.

The trees are now laden with flowers and the snow-soaked land starts revealing itself in different hues of green. 

Perfect time for flower lovers and people preferring a less cold climate but still wanting to experience snow caps around.


Things to carry: 

Thick Jacket, Wollens, Warm socks, Sunscreen, good walking shoes preferably waterproof, headlamp or torch


Things to do:

-Walk up to Sethan village and get to know the locals and culture

-Visit Panduropa(small water body with mythological reference) and Dam reservoir area

-Forest walks and lookout too gather the famous and extremely rare Morel Mushrooms

-If the snow is not too deep or if you are comfortable walking in the snow, you can take small day hikes from Sethan or visit the nearby waterfall.

-Enjoy and chill the whole day at GlampEco and soak in the amazing vistas of snow-capped peaks and green valley

-Pick up a book from our common area or choose any of the games to play with your travel companion.


SUMMER(May-June) Enjoy the nice breezy mountain weather – a perfect escape from the city heat. Also, a time when the flowers fall off the trees to make way for seasonal fruits. You can take a walk in our orchards and just find a spot anywhere under the trees for that afternoon siesta. 

June end may bring in some light rain showers as well.


Things to carry:

Light jacket, a layer of fleece, full-sleeved t-shirt, high SPF sunblock, Sunglasses, sun cap, Good walking shoes, Umbrella, headlamp, or torch


Things to do:

-Walk up to Sethan village and get to know the locals and culture

-Visit Panduropa(small water body with mythological reference) and Dam reservoir area

-Walk into the forest and take a dip in glacial stream water

-Day hike to numerous trails around GlampEco

-Zipline along the Hamta valley

-Go for Hamta pass Trek

-Enjoy and chill the whole day at GlampEco and soak in the amazing vistas of Hamta valley 

-Pick up a book from our common area or choose any of the games to play with your travel companion.



This is the time when the mountains come alive in all their beauty and colors amidst the heavy rainfall that the area experiences. See trees laden with apples, and the entire valley turning lush green. The roads are a little slippery so one needs to be careful while walking or driving around.

This is the time when most of the artists throng to mountains to capture the beauty in words, photographs, or paintings.


Things to carry:

Light jacket, waterproof shoes, Raincoat/Poncho, Umbrella, Extra socks, headlamp, or torch


Things to do:

-Walk up to Sethan village and get to know the locals and culture (Weather permitting)

-Visit Panduropa(small water body with mythological reference) and Dam reservoir area (weather permitting)

-Enjoy and chill the whole day at GlampEco and soak in the amazing vistas of lush green Hamta valley as the raindrops form an absolutely artistic and romantic backdrop

-Pick up a book from our common area or choose any of the games to play with your travel companion.


AUTUMN(September-November) The most ideal months for advanced trekking, bouldering, and making the most of the outdoors. The mountains now start turning brown from green and the weather starts getting a bit colder than the previous months.

November may also bring some light snow showers and the weather may drop down drastically.


Things to carry:

Heavy jackets, woolens, thermals, woolen socks, gloves, caps, headlamp or torch, good walking shoes

Things to do:

-Hamta pass Trek

-Long day hikes to Sethan Dome, Chikka Waterfall, Lamadugh, local waterfall hike

-Leisurely forest walks 

-Zipline across Hamta valley

-Leisure walks till Sethan village, Panduropa, dam reservoir area (weather permitting)

-Enjoy and chill the whole day at GlampEco and soak in the clear valley views around

-Stargaze through a clear night sky

-Pick up a book from our common area or choose any of the games to play with your travel companion.


WINTERS(December-February) Witness the valley slowly turning white, the entire view becoming unimaginably beautiful with sunsets glowing through the white mistiness around. These are the Ideal months for tonnes of SNOW, and winter sports, and fun activities.

The weather is biting cold and only the really motivated ones should visit Hamta in these months.


Things to carry:

Extreme winter wear that includes minus degrees jackets, woolens, fleece, warm socks(including some extra pairs), thermals, double gloves(wollen+waterproof for snow), woolen cap, fleece-lined trousers, waterproof shoes(preferably ankle length with good grip for snow), headlamp or torch, hot water bag(preferred)


Things to do:

-Snow hiking to numerous trails around

-Visit Igloo village Sethan and gain first-hand experience of real live snow Igloos

-Snow tubing and other fun activities in the snow

-Basic or advanced skiing and snowboarding as per your skills and preference

-Watch snowfall from the coziness of your Domes, Common area, or Glass Cafe and experience the magic of white valley and forests

-Tuck in into a warm corner and slide into the world of books or games while you enjoy the warmth of wood stoves in common areas


How long should one plan their stay in GlampEco

Due to the remoteness of our place, we certainly encourage people to book a three-day stay with us at the least. This gives you time to soak in both the beauty of the property as well as the places around.

If you are someone who misses the city buzz a bit too early then three days is a good enough time to stay, however, if you love spending time in nature then an extended stay will give you ample opportunity to immerse into the unexplored beauty of Hamta and Sethan village and the numerous trails around.

GlampEco is also an excellent place for people wishing to work from the mountains as we have two high-speed broadband connections with power backup, and ample space to create a workstation of your own, light homely meals that are easy on the stomach, and friendly dogs to keep you company.

What activities can one look forward to while at GlampEco? Do we organise any activities?

Once you are here and well adjusted to the surroundings we can plan a range of activities together. You can explore the nearby forest, walk to Sethan village, have food at the local dhabhas, or checkout Igloos in Sethan( Between December – March), or go for day hikes that can be organized as per your schedule. 


If you wish, we can arrange for Skiing and Snowboarding gear and lessons at an additional cost. Kindly inform us about this while booking so that we can arrange and plan accordingly. 


If the weather conditions are not the best outdoors you can try and make most of the cozy indoors. You might want to go through our collection of travel, self-help, philosophy, or fiction books.  We also have a good number of indoor games as well as an acoustic guitar.


One of the best activities in-house is gathering in the common areas and having endless conversations, jam sessions, or just exchanging travelogues and experiences.


We have four friendly local dogs at our site. Feel free to pet or play with them, but please do not feed them.


Kindly follow the policy of “Leave No Trace” while exploring the surroundings.

What are the meal arrangements at GlampEco?

We have a well thought of fixed menu at GlampEco which is a mix of local, Indian, and Italian dishes. Usually, we send the menu before your arrival at the property mainly via Whatsapp so that you could order anything seamlessly and get your food on time.

We have two dining areas- The Mudhouse Common area, and The Glass Cafe.

Food can be served in both the Mudhouse Common area which is open only for in-house guests or at the Glass Cafe which is open for both in-house and outside guests.

The menu is different for in-house and outside guests. Please check with Staff before ordering your meals.

The Cafe timings are:

Breakfast: 09.00 a.m-11a.m

Lunch     :  01.00 p.m-02.30p.m

Dinner     : 08.00p.m-09.30 p.m

The last order for evening snacks will be taken only till 07.00p.m

Kitchen is closed from 03.00p.m-05.00p.m

What are the heating arrangements in different rooms and common areas?

Geodesic Domes: Equipped with electric blanket and heaters throughout the year along with an insulating layer of the tent for protection from tough weather conditions.


Private Mud Rooms: Equipped with electric blankets throughout the year. The mudrooms have natural insulation from weather conditions due to the thick stone and mud walls.


Dormitory: Equipped with electric blankets only in winters


When the weather gets extremely cold, we provide additional blankets, hot water bags on request.


Both, the common area and glass cafe, are equipped with wood stoves that are used in winters.

How far is Kasol, Tirthan, Atal Tunnel from GlampEco? How much time does it take to reach these places from GlampEco?

-Kasol is 87 km from GlampEco and it takes about 2.5-3 hours to reach there by private car.

-Tirthan is around 100 km from GlampEco and it takes around 3.5-4 hours to reach there by private car.

-Atal Tunnel is about 40 km from GlampEco and it takes about 1.5 hours to reach there by private car.


All of the durations mentioned above are for ideal weather and road conditions. The time vastly depends on these two and may vary on a day-to-day basis.

For the Atal tunnel, kindly check for daily timings as the movement via tunnel is halted twice daily for maintenance.

Are there cafes and grocery shops nearby GlampEco? How far is the nearest grocery shop from GlampEco?

The closest shop/eatery to our site is Kalzang Dhabha where you can interact with a cute old local couple who have been staying in Hamta and running their very famous dhaba for decades. They serve Maggi, local dishes, eggs, local alcohol, smokes, and packaged snacks like chips, biscuits, etc. Apart from this, Sethan Village(25 minutes walk or 10 minutes drive) is where you can find some more shops and small eateries.

Can I get my personal car? What are the parking arrangements at GlampEco?

On good weather days, you can get your personal car right to the property entrance, however, during snow or excessive rains, only a four by four vehicle is allowed to enter the Hamta road. You can still get your vehicle to Manali and park it at the parking areas and then take a local cab up for Hamta.

We have some road space available for parking vehicles around our entrance gate which is also equipped with a CCTV camera.

Do you provide a cab from Chandigarh, Kullu airport, Manali, or places around GlampEco?

We do not have our personal cabs, however, we have some excellent local contacts that provide cab services and these are trusted by us for commuting our guests to and around GlampEco.

Kindly note, we do not charge any fees or commission either from the cab guys or the guests for this assistance. All issues regarding the cab charges should be solved amicably between the driver and guests without our interference.

Is it pet-friendly?

Since we have four adult dogs, they may not be very friendly to outside pets, which is why we avoid hosting pets at GlampEco at the moment.

Why are children(below 18years) not allowed at GlampEco?

We are located in a remote offbeat village of Hamta. The nearest medical facility or children’s store is about an hour away in Manali, which is why we do not host kids at the moment.

Also, we are still building up our infrastructure to make it safe enough for kids and older guests. Winters can be particularly harsh and in case heating becomes a problem, they can be at risk of falling sick.

What are the different stays available at GlampEco?

We are the first Geodesic Dome site of India which is also our primary stay option.

There are seven Geodesic domes with attached baths and heating at GlampEco.


We also have a traditional Himachali mud house where we host guests on the first floor.

The floor consists of a dormitory that has five beds, two private rooms, and a common area with a wood stove.

The washrooms are common for the entire house.

The ground floor of the house consists of Kitchen and staff living areas. There are separate toilets and bathrooms for staff.

Do the tariffs at GlampEco remain the same throughout the year?

The tariffs at GlampEco are dynamic. We have variable pricing depending on the time of the year. 

The tariff is also more during snow months due to additional heating arrangements at all places. Please check our website for rates and availability.


  • Please make sure you keep all your belongings safe. In any case, Glampeco will not be held responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged luggage.
  • Smoking is strictly NOT ALLOWED inside the Dome tents or mudrooms including the washrooms
  • Usage of drugs is strictly banned inside and around the property.
  • Standard Check-in time is 2 PM and checkout time is 12 PM
  • Guests are requested not to shift any of the heaters provided in Domes and common areas as this may lead to disruption in the smoke pipe.
  • Bringing personal meals or beverages in common areas is not permitted
  • Litter should be strictly disposed of in the dustbins provided
  • Please seal the domes completely before sleeping and also when going out. In case you want to lock your Dome or private rooms, kindly ask us for the locks.
  • Kindly do not hang wet clothes or towels in the balconies, common areas, or outdoor furniture.
  • Please use caution while using electric/pellet/cylinder heaters. Ensure no fabric or flammable material is around the heating equipment. All flames to be TURNED OFF before retiring to bed.
  • Do not FLUSH toilet paper, pads, or any other material in the toilet flush as this may disrupt the live enzymes present in biodigester tanks underneath.
  • Kindly respect precious natural resources like water and electricity. Please turn everything off before leaving your room or common areas.
  • Nighttime is strictly observed as  “QUIET TIME” on the premises(10 PM to 8 AM). Kindly do not disturb other guests on the property by playing loud music or talking loudly.
  • Since the mud house is made of wood and stone, we advise guests to be cautious and stick to low decibels.
  • Daily housekeeping is available on request
  • Extra occupancy in private rooms and Domes is available on a chargeable basis.
  • It is understood that you have gone through all the house rules and will adhere to them during your stay period. In case of non-compliance of the same, the management reserves the right to straight away cancel the rest of your stay if need be without any refund on the remaining stay.


  • Due to the eco-friendly concept of our site we provide only common use toiletries like hand wash and body wash. Kindly get your own personal use items.
  • We can arrange for cabs for your pick-up, drop, and sightseeing, however, we would need to be informed in advance for the same. This is friendly assistance provided by us, we neither charge the taxi drivers nor the guests any commission for the same. Any matter of grievance with the taxi service will have to be addressed by you without our interference.
  • Accommodation for drivers can be arranged at an extra cost, however, we need to be informed about it at the time of booking.
  • We have adult dogs at the property who are quite friendly with humans, however kindly restrain from bringing your own pets or call us before planning your stay.
  • Please do not move beyond property premises at night since we are in a remote location and there could be wild animals moving around the forest at night.