GlampEco Stays Manali – Glamping in Geodesic Domes in Himachal Pradesh

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GlampEco is located at which is 14 km from Mall Road, Manali Himachal Pradesh. 

The closest major village to our site is Prini which is 10 km away. There is a private road that leads to AD Hydro Project from Prini Village and on that road, we are located at curve number 33 on the right-hand side of the road. You have to walk about 50 meters steep downhill track.

There is no public transport to our site and the closest that you can get here by public transport is till Prini. From there you will have to arrange a personal cab which can drop you to our site. 
You can contact us at
Whatsapp Text only please: 7065206665 ( Akshat ) 8750646964 ( Kush) 

We look forward to hearing from you!