GlampEco Stays Manali – Glamping in Geodesic Domes in Himachal Pradesh

About Us

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

Glamping ( Glamorous – Camping ) means savoring the beauty of nature in comfort and style.We call getting back to Nature “Rewilding “ an idea from rewiring our entire thought and living process that has gone quite far away from where we came.

GlampEco is an Ecospace located close to Manali in Hampta, Himachal Pradesh.

 It was created to share the healing and rejuvenating effects of the Himalayas while glamping in Geodesic domes and a refurbished 50 yrs old Mud home – a unique experience of spending holidays in comfort and authenticity.
Here you are in direct contact with nature, enjoying the mountains in their full glory and soaking in the dazzle of the night sky, as you lay cozily tucked inside your tastefully styled Dome abode or the Mud Home.
At Glampeco, we craft an experience for you to be touched by the intense and serene beauty of the landscape through various activities and events while giving you the time and space of just being “Yourself”.

Our Story

If there is one thing that led all five of us to come together and think of creating something magical and blissful, it was our love and passion for mountains and the gratitude we feel for everything that they have brought into our lives. As we traveled far and wide across the Himalayas, the question arose as to what draws us back to these mighty mountains and that is what we wanted to share with the world at large.

Our story is that of romantic mountain lovers who decided to introduce a new way of enjoying the absolutely beautiful yet fragile mountain ecosystem. We got the Geodesic Domes to India where one can stay in comfort with minimal disturbance to nature and surroundings.

The Team

Frankly speaking, our team is you and us together. Glampeco was always designed to welcome and work with people of different talents. It’s a space for travelers, adventurers, seekers and most importantly mountain lovers. Which is why our customers become a part of the team for a place where learning is a constant process as we plan to evolve alongside.

Well, the journey started with the five of us…….

Akshat Jain

A mountaineer by heart and soul. There is nothing Akshat would have preferred over his long-awaited dream to stay in the mountains and give back to nature and community. You can also find him trying to make most of the beautiful moments with his camera.  

Kush Tevatia

An avid snowboarder with numerous self-organized Himalayan treks to his name, Kush is the true mountain man of GlampEco. Having spent many years living and working with the community of Himachal to bring new opportunities to the kids here in the field of adventure sports, GlampEco is his way to create a base for exploring the extreme regions of upper Himalayas. He is also the founder of the adventure company

Swagata Paul

An architect by profession, artist by soul, Swagata has the experience of designing comfy spaces for travelers from around the world for the last four years. GlampEco is her baby to create an exemplary eco-friendly space for the adventurous souls and create a benchmark for the tourism industry. 

Shilpi Rawat

Mountains run in her blood and of course she was always drawn back to them. GlampEco is Shilpi’s way of meeting people who share the same vibes and emotions for the Himalayas. You can have endless conversations with her over books, places , people,mountains and Dogs.

Hotam Thakur AKA Molly 

A true native of Manali, Molly has been our support and link to bring this dream to life. He knows almost everyone in the town and vice versa and that is how we were able to bring the local community on board for this dream of ours. Also, you will be amazed to see his snowboarding skills on the slopes around Manali. 

Besides the five of us, there is also a community of locals who are always there to support us and be part of our efforts to create an exemplary eco-friendly site. 

P.S: The cutest members of our team Kuro, Tsuki, and Toshi are Himalayan Shepherd dogs, born close to our site and we couldn’t have been happier to adopt them for all the awesomeness they bring into our lives. 

We would love to meet you and show you around our place when you come.